Dr. 2 with patient All Good Children Go To Heaven

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Patient: All Good Children Go to Heaven

Legal Guardian: M.E.H. LEWIS & Barbara Lhota

Insurance: PagePay Plus

Symptoms: Holy headaches, back alley blues

Diagnosis: Fatherly fervor

Patient Description:

Christians pay taxes, but still their children go to Hell if they aren't baptized promptly and exactly. Well balanced religious plays are my favorite. The legal guardians use the patient to live through the paradox of praying to a benevolent but irrationally unforgiving God. At first I would say that the symbolism was robust, but it distributed itself well over the different plot lines. The story dukes a bit between theist and atheist characters, but it doesn't cook in that pot for long. The patient received five stars because of its authenticity. It was raw. It was almost too scandalous, but the authors properly utilized their characters and tie up all story lines. This drama was sublime. Perhaps I will be seeing Stoli in my office soon.

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