Dr. 2 with patient "P.S. I Love Your Daughter" by Gary Cobin

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Patient: P.S. I Love Your Daughter

Legal Guardian: Gary Cobin

Insurance: PagePay Plus

Symptoms: Jenny-Was-A-Friend-Of-Mine

Diagnosis: Daddy's Girl

Patient Description:

The patient's protagonist had me interested by the first beer. The intro had a very natural dialogue, even while being chopped with surprises. The company where the characters work was decorated in interesting symbolism that played into the script. Cobin's comedic character's really hit the spot. Unfortunately, when the story reached its revelations, it really handicapped itself with conventional delivery. The writing just did not create a believable dialogue when it needed it most. The story survives until the end, but I was surprised by the shift in acceptability because as I mentioned, the intro was healthy. In addition, Paul was way too dude, especially to his daughter. I understood he was a poor father, but he's still someone's greater. Wasn't he head of the company as well? Does a Sargent behave on the same level as his cadets? The story gets its zingers and all the boys figure out what to do. P.S. Derek's an idiot .

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