Dr. 2 with patient Henry Moore is Melting by Jenny Seidelman

2 insignia.png

Patient: Henry Moore is Melting

Legal Guardian: Jenny Seidelman

Insurance: Paperkutz

Symptoms: grand theft pretties, Irish black tea, the fuzz and the boss

Diagnosis: fratris lacrimis

Patient Description:

Shite. Why do the Irish have the best one liners? Them Peeves are at it again. Those Irish bohemians are just trying to dream of a better life for themselves. The legal guardian kept the patient chipper with only the best in boyish mob dialogue. You can’t do gangsters without good dialogue else you’ll be eating the butt of your cigarette in cerebral boredom. The protagonist is very romantic. His soul says “artist!” but his gun says ”gypsy.” This was an interesting introduction to Henry Moore. Overall, the patient is healthy, but grew up too quickly. I’d like to see more scenes with the brothers and bar fiancée to build better bonds with the characters, but some may call this excess. I think their comments are excess. Excess? Excess.

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