Dr. 2 with patient "Of Serpents and Sea Spray" by Rachel Bublitz

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Patient: Of Serpents and Sea Spray

Legal Guardian: Rachel Bublitz

Insurance: Paperkutz

Symptoms: Aching adventurism, imaginative escapism

Diagnosis: Reality aversion

Patient Description:

Enter the goddess Athena, stage right. The imagination of the piece was clear with pirates and Pegasus and train leaping, oh my. The young hero's youthful imagination was fresh and kept me sincerely interested within the fantasy conventions. "Mermaids, they are loving the great heroes, Petite Soeur." (Fille, Bublitz, 57). Iro fights and flights between an artistic reality and a sober one. The apache between the two was creative and cathartic and brought the work's theme above mere child's play. My only concern for this patient was the simpler language. I understand that the dialogue's circumstances contain a child protagonist, but some lines felt redundant and too babyish. Similarly, Athena sometimes resonates as amateur for her status. With an improvement of the language, I would have no problem recommending this story as a healthy, five star patient.

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