Nurse 911 with patient "Vietnam Zippos" by J. Weintraub

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Patient: Vietnam Zippos

Legal Guardian: J. Weintraub

Insurance: Bookmarx Medical

Symptoms: Inflammation of factoids, Signature Stage Styling

Diagnosis: Narrated Nihilism

Patient Description:

Our new patient is an antsy one, flicking his zippo casing on-and-off continuously in the waiting room. He was bothering the other patients who did not have zippos. When I had finally called his name, he appeared spooked, and in a knee-jerk like motion, rushed feverishly into the wing for diagnosis. The final evaluation was mild. The fact listing -of Zippos- is hit and miss in being interesting enough to actually attract my attention because the whole "badass soldier with a lighter" notion losses its novelty after a short while and appears to drone on with bits of information to drown it. 

Also, the ending seemed confusing. I thought we were talking about the history, as well as the intricacies of Zippos? Instead, the story ends on some moral high note of "World Peace is the answer". My point is that as the reader, I felt confused trying to bridge together what was handed to me. Where was the connection between the broad breakdown of Zippos, and the story's sudden shift towards an ending of "world peace"? The patient received a two star health rating.

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