Dr. 2 with patient Ghost Walks into a Bar by Mora Harris

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Patient: Ghost Walks into a Bar

Legal Guardian: Mora Harris

Insurance: Bookmarx Medical

Symptoms: Spookies, shaking, screaming, chilling, drinking

Diagnosis: Ectoplasm overdose

Patient Description:

People say time heals all wounds. To those people I say... I got shot in the stomach.
— Lorna

Uh oh. The piece's first words were "Hi, good evening." There were some funny jokes to open up to, but for a comedic play, one couldn't help but notice the stinky ones that piled up. Characters at the mic such as Andre are nothing more than a free association of quotidian existentialism. The characters are self-aware that they are not a riot. Bad move. The legal guardian's character breaks the fourth wall to create an irony that excuses their lack of content. I kept reading. Even if the play were to utilize the scalpel to rid itself of frivolous chat, a reader would still be lost looking for the main idea.

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