Repeal the Pink: The UTCC Keeps Its Name - A Response by Bob Bohemian


In the 10th Anniversary Edition of the UTCC Voice, journalists asked their readers whether they should change their name from United Taxi Community Council to United Transporters Community Council to incorporate TNPs, or rideshare drivers.


The July-August poll results showed that 45.5% of readers wanted to remain true to the taxi name while 54.5% wanted to incorporate rideshare into the taxi's Voice. The UTCC decided to remain the same after "opposition was surprisingly strong." I would like to thank the UTCC for hearing the voice of their readers. The following is my submission to the poll's open response.

I say not to change the name of the paper to allow rideshare drivers to “coexist” with us. The TNP companies compete against the taxi industry. To concede to them is to go against the purpose and namesake of the newspaper: The Taxi’s Voice. The word of rideshare is the word of corruption. It has allowed suburbanites to offer a taxi service from their mom’s van under a euphemism: “rideshare: share the ride.” Why would they ever read the UTCC when they’re too busy stealing customers? It’s one thing for the driver’s to be blue, but for their journalists to betray them is a cruel victory for the rideshare industry. First they take our customers, now they want our Voice? To surrender is consensual slavery.
— July-August UTCC Voice

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