Dr. 2's diagnosis of patient Adoration of Dora by Lojo Simon

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Patient: Adoration of Dora

Legal Guardian: Playwright Lojo Simon

Insurance: Page Page Plus

Symptoms: WW2 blues, self-esteem issues, the French

Diagnosis: cracked lens

If you amuse him, you will be immortalized.
— Valentine

Patient Description:

The patient and I went to Paris, hopped the cafes, played phrase games and talked the snippy talk of our petite milieu. Then, Picasso was there, and paint happened. At first the patient was bold and welcoming, but the dialogue soon turned sour with explicitness. There was one gentleman who's purpose was to literally hold up a sign. Non. I was touched by the burgeoning artistic career of Picasso's famous muse, but the patient's language devolved into such intense profanity that the delicate story was not worth picking through the naughty words. An Rx will be prescribed for daily tongue washing.

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