Dr. 2's diagnosis of patient P.S. I Love Your Daughter by Gary Cobin

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Patient: P.S. I Love Your Daughter

Legal Guardian: Playwright Gary Cobin

Insurance: PagePay Plus

Symptoms: Jenny-Was-A-Friend-Of-Mine

Diagnosis: daddy's girl

Patient Description:

The patient's protagonist had me hooked by first beer, cheers. The comedic character's really hit the spot. I was giggling like a tickled babe. Unfortunately, when the patient reached their plot's revelations, it really handicapped itself with a flat delivery. The writing did not reach a believable standard when it needed it most. Rx of 1000mg Chortles will be prescribed. The story survives until the end, but I was surprised by the shift in dialogue quality. In addition, Paul's character was way too dude, especially to his daughter. I understand he was a poor father, but he's still someone's father. Wasn't he head of the company as well? Is a sargeant's behavior on the same level as his cadets? The story gets its zingers and all the boys figure out what to do. P.S. Derek's an idiot.

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