Dr. 2's diagnosis of patient Early Sunday Morning by Dara O'Brien

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Patient: Early Sunday Morning

Legal Guardian: Playwright Dara O'Brien

Insurance: Paperkutz

Symptoms: picky palette, depressing dimensions

Diagnosis: easel dropping

Patient Description:

"Flowers, the favorite subjects of lady painters." The patient tells the story of two painters who endearingly poke each other with their dipsticks until they casually decide to paint the portrait of holy matrimony. If the dialogue wasn't on par, I would have donned a mask to deal with this genre. Gushy, love scenes are typically the first things I flick into the bio-hazard bin. I was interested in the burdens of female painters described in the artistic milieu, but the misogyny was too suspicious. The writing itself, not the politics, came out as unbelievable. The ending was signature. It was fitting for a play that blended the colors of theater and pictorial art.

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