Dr. 2's diagnosis of patient Galactic Orphans by Megan Tabaque

2 insignia.png

Patient: Galactic Orphans

Legal Guardian: Playwright Megan Tabaque

Insurance: Bookmarx Medical

Symptoms: interplanetary scrubs, annoying sister, quesadillas, weedijuana

Diagnosis: womanhood

Those French dweebs are trash talking us. I can smell their cheese breath.
— RI

Patient Description:

The patient boot up well with its ordinary to extraordinary scene description. “Sometimes the dust turns into stars, the furniture into planets, and the snacks into space trash.” The plot took off but was soon bogged down by inessential dialogue. Many chapters need a 25% slice with the scalpel. The story continued to be thought provoking via the aforementioned ordinary to extraordinary formula, but it was consistently diluted with kiddish vulgarity. Young at heart is its genre, but there were still too many quarters in the swear jar. The catharsis also felt like a work in progress. In order to cure the filler dialogue and weak phrasing within the denouement, the patient must make some repairs on the mothership before dispatching again.

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