Dr. 2's surgery with patient ILY at the Greenhouse Theater

2 insignia.png

Patient: ILY

Legal Guardians: Playwright Jennifer Bradley, Director Kayla Menz

Surname: Unheard Of Theater Company

Address: The Greenhouse Theater, 2257 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60614

Insurance: Bookmarx Medical


Symptoms: teenage lurv, bae time, homo love

Diagnosis: awkwaaaaaaaaaaardness.


I’ve got everything I need right here.
— Brandon

Operation Overview:

The set was a bit bare, but when it comes to economical, nothing beats the quick brick wall. The actors were immediately involved on stage and promised a crisp show. The sex was kinda sexy, but the awkward scenes often felt drawn out. Frequent bedside brooding told the tales of hot monogamy, but repetitive use of the pause button kept putting the audience on hold. This caused a number of stale moments, but the actors always kept it fresh. The Unheard Of Company debut didn’t have much to add to their bare bone playbill. No confetti?

The sincerity and conviction of the actors made the show inviting, but the patient’s script is hungry for a stronger set of stories. They were too basic with too little a tinge to make them notable. Less dialogue and a spoonful of drama would have given these lovebirds more color for their wings. The patient’s health rating is like a high school break-up before heading to college: bittersweet, but not the end.

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