Dr. 2's diagnosis of patient Juggling With Mr. Fields by Jennifer O'Grady

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Patient: Juggling With Mr. Fields

Legal Guardian: Playwright Jennifer O'Grady

Insurance: PagePay Plus

Symptoms: saggy cigars, couch potato, goin'-nowhere-fast

Diagnosis: retro showbizickus

Patient Description:

I was an alien to the patient's preferred celebrity. They kept talking about W.C. Fields. Who's W.C. Fields? I was informed that he was a good juggler. I was reluctant to research their idol because the rising action was not very stimulating. The story was charming. Mr. Fields owned the stage, but an Rx of drama injections would prevent the plot from simply boiling along. As a director's note, the context contained too much particular instruction. Before the patient leaves my office, have them come to my desk. I want to see the ol' boy juggle.

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