Dr. 2's diagnosis of patient Purple Cloud by Jessica Huang

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Patient: Purple Cloud

Legal Guardian: Playwright Jessica Huang

Insurance: PagePay Plus

Symptoms: silent seniors, war trauma, Chinese chicken

Diagnosis: assimilation anxiety 

Orville Wilbur, Son of Lee. Always follows the rules. Believes in handshakes, Reganomics and the nightly news.
— Tortoise

Patient Description:

The patient greeted me with a "Once upon a time." They shook my hand and "Once upon a time" was all over my gloves. It was a forgivable cliche, and past that the patient seemed healthy. We talked of Chinese patriarchal legacy which made for a great through line. However, their form puts the content at a direct risk. Transitions were too contrasting. Jumping from living room to game show was too large a sideshow. The symbolism was barking at me. I felt fear, nurse. The late parts of the story left me with an anomaly conclusion that things were boiling along; yet, somehow, I felt like the script could have been 20 pages longer.

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