Nurse 911's diagnosis of patient Vietnam Zippos by J. Weintraub

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Patient: Vietnam Zippos

Legal Guardian: Playwright J. Weintraub

Insurance: Bookmarx Medical

Symptoms: inflammation of the factoids, signature stage style

Diagnosis: narrated nihilism

Patient Description:

I asked the patient politely to stop flaring their butane lighter in the examination room. They kept flaring their butane lighter in the examination room. Their story were a hit, miss, and flop. The "badass soldier with a lighter" shtick lost its charm quickly. The ending was confusing. I asked the patient to describe it better, but they kept flicking their lighter. They just kept flicking, Doctor. I dissected the ending myself. The history and intricacies of Zippo brand lighters did not transition well to an ending that suggested that "World Peace is the answer." Perhaps they were trying to create some contrast and surprise, but Zippo history and world peace did not synthesis well. 

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