Mr. Bohemian


My name is Bob Bohemian. I am an actor, director, and playwright. I love to live through theater art. Joyously generated in Chicago. My art includes themes from everything to nothing. Philosophy and art combine for the sublime. I host Dr 2's Indie Office, a themed playwright review blog. Politically, I advocate, manage, and fund The Pinkan anti-rideshare special interest group in Chicago.


A reimagination of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream in the World of Warcraft dreamscape. We chase the days behind us, in hopes they'll be in front of us.


Strap on your angel wings and resize your halo, this bus is set for Heaven or bust! A congregation of comedy and curiosity to cackle and confuse mortals and immortals. 


Congratulations on winning the 2020 Test Subject Giveaway! Let our family be a part of yours with the handiest, thinkiest, Mister Thinker robot!  


On the corner of Churchill and Damen, the Spookies sell frights, blights, and scares with care. Consumer voted best haunted house and spook delivery service in Chicago!

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Now accepting walk-ins! In the Indie Office, Dr. 2 and Nurse 911 diagnose patients from across all genres and insurance. Play scripts are thoroughly dissected and inspected to provide the legal guardian and curious spectators with an accurate bill of health.


I strongly support the efforts of taxis and other legitimate chauffeur drivers to repeal the differentiation of rideshare as a new entity. Smartphone dispatch technology should not inherit the right to operate vehicle technology. I host the website to help customers understand the taxman's argument. In addition, I've written The Spookies as a scary allegory to the cab industries' frightening modern struggle.