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A reimagination of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream in the World of Warcraft dreamscape.

I am that merry walker of the Dream.
— Prince Puck, The Green

The Emerald Dream is an ethereal, untouched realm of the planet Azeroth. Nature, dragons, and wisps, grow, gather, and gander in the Great Garden. Prince Puck, the heir of the Dream's Dreamer, is dispatched to "Brown Azeroth" in an attempt to locate the source of his shaman's maddening migraines.

My doctor says if I dream too hard, he’ll have to ‘reconstitute’ my medications.
— Sire Jenkins

When the members of the guild < Memes For Life > aren't loitering by the Goldshire mailbox, they're questing courageously for a scrumptious scoop of nostalgia. From cotton candy to bubblegum, Silvermoon to Dalaran, no drake nor drudgery can stop their candied color rush.