Consumer voted best haunted house and spook delivery service in Chicago!

On the corner of Churchill and Damen, the Spookies sell frights, blights, and scares with care. Why settle with spookshare when you can take your pick from our horrible crew of trained hauntrepreneurs? Authentic and locally sourced, see what our previous mortals had to say about our terrible services!

I love the ghosts at Spookonomics. They look you in the eyes when they freak you out.
— Chicofreako95
I’ve been to ten other haunted houses in Chicago. The Spookies can’t be beat. My wife ordered them from home for her baby shower and we’ve been hooked on Spookonomics ever since.
— Chad_iz_RAD2017
They don’t serve chicken.
— SpaceShipFreya

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The Spookies is an allegory play written in response to the taxi vs. rideshare crises in Chicago. No matter how pink your moustache, no ghost, taxi, or sentient robot should be able to operate for free by reason of a fashion statement. Pretentiousness wears a pink moustache.